7 Tips For Painting Your Home’s Exterior in Austin, TX

Painting your home’s exterior can be very exhausting and can be complicated as it requires different techniques and knowledge to make the work done right.

So if you take the course of painting rightfully and carefully, you will be able to have a pleasing finish result!

With that having said, here are the 7 Tips For Painting Your Home’s Exterior in Austin, TX

1. Clean Your Walls Exterior Using Pressure Wash

We cannot deny the fact that the surfaces of your home’s exterior can be very messy and dirty due to the decades of filth and grimes that build up.

That’s why you must power wash your exteriors so the primer and paint will adhere properly to have a better finish result.

Just a piece of advice on power washing your home’s exterior, always check for the conditions of your walls so they will not be damaged due to high-pressure water.

2. Consider The Weather Updates

In painting your home’s exterior, it is very essential to consider the weather updates beforehand so your work will not be interrupted.

Moreover, you have to be reminded that you should not apply paint in direct sunlight because it will dry up fast resulting in blistering and peeling.

Same with a windy day, do not apply paint during this kind of weather because the wind will let the paint dry too fast and can blow dirt into wet paint.

3. Prime The Surfaces Only When it’s Needed.

In painting your home’s exterior, you may skip the process of priming if the former paint is in pretty good condition.

If, however, you noticed that the paint is already fragmenting, cracking, or just plain, applying prime is a must.

This is to ensure that the paint will stick well to the surfaces and make it more durable and lost lasting with damaging factors.

4. Choose Graded A Exterior Paint

You have to remember that there is a huge difference in painting the interiors from the exteriors of your home.

This is because exteriors are more prone to damaging factors such as changing environment, that’s why choosing quality acrylic latex paint is a must.

Exterior paints are highly formulated that helps the pigments to place longer and increase their durability.

You may purchase from professional dealers of paint for you to get the premium coats highly designed for exteriors.

5. Paint Flat Surfaces Using Rollers.

Because home’s exteriors are tiring and exhausting, using the right tools for surfaces can make your work efficiently and quickly.

Paint rollers allow you to paint faster especially if your house has flat siding, using a roller with an extension pole can help your work to paint the sections quickly and conveniently.

6. Consider Using Spray Paints For Larger Areas

If you opt to finish the paint in a much faster way, using spray paint is the best technique for you.

Unlike rolling paints, spraying can quickly disperse paint and cover every surface in a short period without hassle.

However, the downtime in using spray paints for your exterior is that you should cover your stuff with tarps or plastics.

7. Choose Paint Colors With Curb Appeal

Lastly, in having DIY, make sure to choose a paint color that adds up to the curbs appeal of your house.

And, make sure to consider the aesthetic elements of your home in choosing a color, be sure to choose a color that complements your roofing material and any brick or stone accents.

Moreover, you may search from the different designs or swatches on the internet so you will have an idea of color matching.

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