HSP Concrete Coatings
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What Makes HSP Concrete Coatings Special?

  • Our concrete coatings seal and maintain your floor. HSP uses long lasting materials that provide a strong level of impact resistance.
Expert One-Day Installation
  • Our certified technicians go through rigorous training to provide the best service for you. Your time is valuable, your garage will be installed in only 1 day!
  • Our concrete coatings create a stunning garage floor. Completely customizable to your preference.
Improve the Look of Your Garage
  • Whether you desire an upgraded garage floor in your home or place of work, or desire to turn your garage into an aesthetic and fresh useful extension of your property, there is no better investment than a brand-new concrete coatings system.
Easy To Clean Surface
  • A seamless garage floor can be easily swept and mopped. There are no seams or cracks for dust and dirt to hide. Spills are isolated on the surface for easy removal.
Protection For Your Floor
  • Floors will endure all the wear and tear you can throw at it. Concrete Coating is resistant to chemicals so regardless of what type of work you do in the garage, your floor will be safe from harm.

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