Have you been looking for a painting company in Round Rock? Here are some of the most common questions customers ask. If you don’t see your question answered, please give us a call at HSP Painting Company today! We want to give our customers the best possible experience, which is why we welcome all questions from current and future clients.

In addition to referrals from friends and family, you can find painters online or ask your local paint store for the best painting company in Round Rock.

At HSP Painting, we have a Better Business Bureau rating and listings on Yelp, Facebook, and local painting directories. You can check out those reviews or call us directly to get current recommendations or the contact details of past clients.

As an established company, we have the funds to complete your project without needing a deposit or down payment. Most new painters in Round Rock would need a deposit to buy supplies for your project.

We’ve been providing painting services in Central Texas since 1995.

Our estimates cover even the smallest detail and projected timelines to ensure that customers can make an informed decision.

Costs can vary dramatically, depending on the room size, amount of prep, and materials you choose. Generally, you can expect to pay around $2.75 per square foot for a basic service and $4.69 for the full package.

Costs will change depending on the cabinets’ condition, painting method, and finish. You can expect to pay $120 to $240 per cabinet.

Yes! We have an assurance bond and a general liability policy to cover any mishaps during the project.

We spend a lot of time preparing your walls before we apply the first coat of paint. This includes everything from mold removal to caulking and sanding.

While we can work in almost any space, we advise customers to remove valuables from the room we’re painting so they will be safe.

As a family-owned Round Rock painting company, we personally choose and vet every member of our painting team. You can rest assured that our painters will be trustworthy, professional, and skilled.

We’ll help you choose the right paint for the job that fits within your budget.

We offer a warranty on our labor as well as materials used.

By working with our professional painting company in Round Rock, you’ll get great service that remains affordable without cutting any corners.

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